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Medusa Paraiba Quartz
medusa paraiba quartz
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"Medusa Quartz" is also known as Paraiba quartz.

This new type of included quartz gemstone was discovered in August 2004 in Brazil. At the time of the article in Gems & Gemology, in 2005 about 10kg of crystals is all that was found!  Since then, I'm told, only small amounts have been found. It is a rare occurrence and in very limited supply.

GIA has an article in Gems & Gemology, called "Medusa Quartz" with gilalite inclusions in the Fall 2005, Volume 41, issue 3.

Under magnification, some resemble the shape of a floating jellyfish named medusas rondeau. Thus the name Medusa quartz. This is 100% natural from the earth and indentification of the inclusions were performed by the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Other than the Gilalite inclusions, these stones also have the typical quartz veils and inclusions.
paraiba quartz medusa cabochon
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gilalite in medusa quartz
Acicular Gilalite in Quartz
Magnified Gilalite in Quartz
Acicular Gilalite in Quartz
paraiba quartz