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Fine designer cabochons of ocean jasper, marra mamba tiger eye, hawks eye, Biggs and Blue Mountain jasper, Mookaite, Fire Agate, Fire Obsidian and others.
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nuumite cabs
Nuumite, aka nuumit and nuummite comes only from Greenland!  One of the oldest rocks of the earth!

  Nuummite is a gemstone formed from a mixture of two minerals from the orthoamphibole group: anthophyllite and gedrite. The name nuummite is derived from the Municipality of Nuuk, where the stone was discovered in 1982. It has since been found in several localities in the outer part of the Godthabsfjord near Nuuk. Geologically speaking, nuummite is of volcanic origin and was formed about 3 billion years ago. Subsequent influences on the rock (metamorphism) have given rise to the striking mixture of crystals which gives nuummite it's iridescent, sparkly, unique appearance.

   In the January/February 2005 issue of Colored Stone magazine there is an article on nuumit and other gemstones from Greenland. Many high end jewelers are now using Nuummite in their jewelry designs.  Good lapidary rough as well as good stones is getting much harder to find and expensive when you do find any.
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nuumite cabochon
The nuumite cabs pictured are very fine quality

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