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Fire Obsidian
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glass buttes fire obsidian
glass buttes fire obsidian
fire obsidian
This type of obsidian, called fire obsidian, is without a doubt is some of the most colorful and most rare of them all.  The best  can rival the very finest of precious opal!  In all the world, fire obsidian is only found in Oregon. The claim owned by Nadine and Don Carey of DryFire.

Fire obsidian as well as other types like Velvet, Sheen and Rainbow need good lighting to show best.

Fire obsidian is also a difficult stone to photograph, the white areas in the stones are light reflections.

To read more about Fire obsidian CLICK HERE
This large cabochon has very fine colors in reds and greens with a flat bottom and nearly flat top. Both sides are polished.

29.3mm X 53mm (2-1/16") and 5.2mm thick

Approx 62ct!   
This fire obsidian cabochon has very fine colors as you can see in the photos. However, the colors are mostly on the one edge of this stone. It has a flat bottom and nearly flat top. Both sides are polished.

21mm X 42.8mm (1-11/16") and 4.9mm thick

Approx 32ct!