Deer Creek Arizona
Fire Agate
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Fine desinger cabochons of ocean jasper, marra mamba tiger eye, hawks eye, Biggs and Blue Mountain jasper, Mookaite, Fire Agate, Fire Obsidian and others.
fire agate designers dream cabochon!
  This is a FANTASTIC fire agate full of HOT fire with a clear/white chalcedony border left to frame the stone!

  Good fire agates are getting VERY expensive and you VERY seldom see a REALLY nice designer cab like this one!  The Chalcedony edge really makes this cab special!

  Greens and reds in floating eye's!

  At only $3.00 per ct, my price on such an unusual and excellent stone is VERY reasonable for this fire agate!

It's a large stone, 35.5mm x 29mm and 7.3mm thick
  Approx. 55ct        
SOLD                $ 165.00

cabochons fire agates, fire obsidian, fire opal, ocean jasper, mookaite jasper, mook jasper from topgems
In all the world fire agates are only found in a small part of the desert Southwestern United States  and  Mexico!

The deposits are scattered and very small and many have been mined out!  Others have been bought up by one man here in Arizona.  One of the worlds most famous deposit is Slaughter Mountain Arizona.  It is on Naive American land and NO ONE digs but their own People.

  Fire agates are very durable, much more than opal.  They never fade, loose their colors or craze/crack.  And can be just as nice as any opal for color play!

  Good fire agates have been and will continue to be a good investment stone.  Prices are already soaring as more and more jewelers pick up on them along with already mentioned factors.
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