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This page was last updated: August 31, 2013
chrysoprase cabochon suite 285
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This chrysoprase cabochon suite is cut from "old" material I've had stashed away for many years. It's TOP QUALITY, 100% natural Australian chrysoprase chalcedony!   All 5 cabs are cut from the same piece so the color matches very well in all five stones.

Exceptionally large focal stone for this quality prase, all are excellent color match and very well cut.  Flat backs and low domed tops.  To find just the large stone in this quality is rare. Finding a graduated set like this is exceptionally rare! 

One reason large stones and perfect matching stones in chrysoprase is so hard to find is because of the small  crystal pockets or vugs you run into so often in cutting. It takes a lot of planning and just the right piece of rough to get perfect stones in chrysoprase.

Flaws: The only flaws in any of these stones are a very small pit on the back side of the largest cabochon. And, a very very small flea bite on the bottom edge of one of the midsize cabs! Nothing to worry about or hurt this fine designer set! 

  The large focal cab is:
24mm x 41.9mm (1-5/8"+) x 4.8mm thick. 38.25ct
  The two midsize cabs are approx:
14mm x 24.4mm and 4.8mm thick each.   24cttw

  The two smallest stones are approx:
10mm x 17mm and thick each.    9.93cttw

All five stones weigh a total of 72.18ct!  At only $4.43 per carat, this is a VERY good price on this suite of gem grade chrysoprase. Search the web for gem chrysoprase, you'll see my price is low.

Price $320.00

SALE $285.00

chyrsoprase cabochon suite