Faceted Gemstones
Faceted gemstones in Peridot, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz and others for accent, center stone and collectors. 
Faceted Gemstones
Desiner cabochons and faceted gemstones by topgems
  Here you will find very good quality faceted stones for accents, center stones and collectors stones.  I ONLY sell genuine stones, no man made anything!

  Many of the center and collectors stones are cut by me using correct angles so the stone has no windowing effect and gives the most brilliance possible!  GOOD cutting makes all the difference in the world making the stone come 'alive' with glowing brilliance!




This page was first created on 8/28 and I will be listing stones all along.  In the meantime if you are looking for anything in particular please email me
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This page was created on 8/28 and the only stones listed so far is Peridots.........More to come very soon!