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designer cabochons by topgems
This page was last updated: November 25, 2005
Marra Mamba tiger's eye
marra mamba cab
  This cabochon of marra mamba is stunning!  TOP QUALITY! Very chatoyant golden yellow, red, and blue colors!  Splashes of metallic pyrite through the tiger's eye, a metallic seam of magnetite and a seam of strawberry quartz!

  The top picture shows this cab with the chatoyance glowing, the center photo shows the stone in it's "still" state. Pictures taken under a 100 watt light bulb and shows the stone very well. No still photo can truly show how nice quality marra mamba, the way the chatoyance glows and comes alive in hand.

  True marra mamba cabs this nice are very hard to find and very expensive if you can find any!  To read more about marra mamba tigereye Click here to my tiger-eye information page.

  The top has a low dome with a very glassy polish and no blemishes. The back has been fine sanded to a glass smooth surface and a semi-gloss finish. Also a small formation fracture on the back side only.

  At almost 2 dollars per carat, this is a VERY good price on this rare gemstone!

43mm (1-11/16") x 22mm and 5.2mm thick

45ct                         Sold
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collectors quality marra mamba cabochon
marra mamba tiger's eye
marra mamba tiger eye cab