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This page was last updated: May 15, 2013
K2 Blue Jasper
K2 Blue Cabochon #0432-31
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New material found at the base of Mt. Austin Godwin, aka K2 the second tallest mountain in the world located on the Pakistan China Border. I'm told it's not been tested yet but it's thought to be Azurite in a light color Granite Quartz/Microcline matrix. I've seen the rough and cut these cabs from the rough.
It's hard to tell by the photos, the surface is smooth and has a glassy polish.

Well cut for bezel or wire wrap setting with a flat back and low domed top. Both sides have a smooth glossy polish.

46.5mm x 31mm and 5.8mm thick.

Approx 58cts

Price $31

K2 Blue Jasper
k2 blue jasper