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This page was last updated: June 26, 2013
Petrified Peanut Wood
Petrified Peanut Wood cabochon 0428-20
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This petrified peanut wood comes from Australia and is also known as Teredo wood. This cab is an exceptionally NICE QUALITY example of this unusual petrified wood. Most of the rough has much large white spots. This doesn't make for very interesting stones unless you cut a huge stone to get more of the white "peanuts"  The smaller white spots are much harder to find and makes for a much more interesting stone. Also, much of the rough has many fractures to work around.

This cushion design cab is a fine quality example for your collection or jewelry design.

Long ago Aracauria (conifer) wood washed into the ocean as driftwood where it was subsequently fed on by a marine shellfish called Teredo, which are also commonly known as "shipworm". These bore tunnels all through the wood. When the driftwood became waterlogged it sank to the bottom and was covered with silt, filling the boreholes with radiolarian sediment. Eventually the wood petrified and was uplifted above sea level to where it is now collected in the Cretaceous Windalia Radiolarite formation in the Kennedy Range of Western Australia near Carnarvon.

Well cut for wire wrap or bezel setting with a flat back and low domed top.

27.8mm (1-1/16"+) x 23mm and 6mm thick at the center.



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peanut wood