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This page was last updated: November 20, 2011
ocean jasper cabochon 0363-44
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Larger size ocean jasper cab with fabulous green "flowers" and peach orbs in a creamy color agate.  The pattern  flows well with the stone's design and kind of resembles a whimsical face!

Flat back and low domed top. Both sides are polished. The stone's back has a more yellowish color agate......just the way the rough formed this is cut from. The only "flaws" are a few pin point surface pits mostly on the stone's back. So minuscule it's hardly worth mentioning.

You won't be disappointed in this gem.

43mm (1-7/8") long x 23.5mm and 6mm thick.



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Ocean Jasper
ocean jasper cabochon
ocean jasper cabochon