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Fine designer cabochons of ocean jasper, marra mamba tiger eye, hawks eye, Biggs and Blue Mountain jasper, Mookaite, Fire Agate, Fire Obsidian and others.
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designer cabochons by topgems
This page was last updated: July 20, 2005
Very FINE Mexican Lace agate cab
#033 Mexican Crazy lace agate cab
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mexican crazy lace agate cab
lace agate cabochon
mexican crazy lace agate cab
side view mexican lace agate cabochon
This cabochon of Mexican crazy lace is exceptionally nice!

  Not only does if have very fine fortification banding with folds and translucent chalcedony between them, look at the colors! The pictures of this cab show it off very well!  Pinks, reds, white, amber.....

  Mexican lace is getting harder and harder to find good material these days to cut stones this nice.

  Flat back and evenly domed top. Both sides have a liquid like polish.  No blemishes. A VERY fine cab for your gemstone collection or your jewelry needs.

40.5mm x 24mm and 6.1mm thick

42ct                    SOLD