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This page was last updated: August 10, 2010
Blue Dot Chrysocolla
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Here's an awesome, very rare Blue Dot Chrysocolla cabochon! Fabulous blue color chrysocolla tube in quartz that looks like ice! Blue Dot is a very rare form of chrysocolla.  Much more rare than the very finest gem silica.

These tubes started out as stalagmite/stalactites then filled around them with silica. The rough and any stones are EXTREMELY HARD to find and VERY pricey if you're very lucky to find any at all.

A very small pocket of this material was found at the Ray Mine in Arizona. As far as I know that is the only place Blue Dot has ever been found.

Well cut stone with a flat back and domed top.  The top has a glassy polish. The back is semi-polished and does have a few flaws. See last photo.

This is a very nice example of Blue Dot. This stone will make a very high-end piece of jewelry or rare addition to your collection.  I guarantee you'll look a very long time for another Blue Dot chrysocolla cab, especially  this nice.

If you notice the photo of the back side of the stone, you'll notice a small divot. I've lowered the price on this stone.

17mm  x 27mm (1-1/16") and 5.2mm thick

19 ct



Price includes Shipping and insurance

Blue Dot Chrysocolla