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This page was last updated: February 15, 2010
Satin Flash Opal
Satin Flash Opal cabochon 0165-58
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For satin flash opal, this stone has excellent clarity with a few cotton like inclusions!  Hyalite opal this clear is exceptionally hard to find.

It also has very nice adularescent flash that lights up from within the stone as it's moved about!  Even a few subtle colors in this one! Much, MUCH nicer stone in life than my photos show.

The cab will make a lovely pendant and  can be bezel set, wire wrapped or cast/prong set.

Flat back and low domed top. The back has a small surface pit/divot that was part of the natural thin seam this is cut from.

These stones and rough material are extremely hard to find.

Specimen grade hyalite comes from many places. ONLY in the state of Utah, USA is gem quality adularescent material found in veins/seams thick enough to cut gemstone cabochons!  The small deposits in Utah are depleted of the cabbing quality! Satin flash opal is indeed very hard to find!

Hyalite opal was formed by  hot spring geyser deposits and does not have colorplay like other opal, instead the light rolls off the internal bubble structure and flashes back at the onlooker. Rarely does Satin Flash display colors and if it does, it's not the same as precious opal.

If you have any questions email me.

28.8mm  x 33.8mm (1-5/16") and 5.1mm thick
approx 26ct


Includes shipping to any US address
satin flash opal
satin flash opal